I am an experienced, 40-year-old, female masseuse based in Kent. I am English and do NOT smoke. I hold a formal qualification in Swedish massage (relaxing body) and am self-taught in the Tantric arts of Lingam and Yoni massage. More than twenty years of practical experience, study and personal development have equipped me with the skills to offer this special massage service.

  • Lingam massage is a massage of the penis and genitals for men.
  • Yoni massage is for women.

Everyone should be able to enjoy their sexuality. Unfortunately, we are bought up with so many hang-ups and inhibitions and unnecessary taboos about sex and our bodies. A good sex life has the benefits of making you feel happier and contented in other areas of your life. In that way sexuality is vitally important for your physical and mental health. I believe most people are more creative and productive when they are sexually fulfilled.

YLM Kent