Yoni Lingam Massage in Kent

There are some prominent MPs calling who would like paying for a sexual service to be a criminal offence. Over night my clients will become criminals.  So who are these shady figures?

Almost of my clients are over 50 years of age, the majority being between 60-80.  They are almost all British (English as I am in Kent).  In other words, pensioners who can afford to treat themselves because they have worked hard all their lives, they are “comfortable” or wealthy.  Just about the most respectable bunch of WASPs you can get.  

Not only are the “respectable” but they are polite and respectful towards me.  If they were not I would not entertainment them.

Let me tell you more so you can judge whether their actions deserve to be called a crime.

  • I see widowers.  Lonely men and men with active social lives among their friends and families but who have sadly lost their wives.  These men might not be ready to start a new relationship yet, or may not have found a new suitable partner.  They visit me (or escorts or other similar services) because being single and a pensioner should not mean they are sentenced to a life of celibacy, a life with out intimacy with another person. 
  • I see men who are married and still live with their wives: they will often tell me it is a sexless marriage, one of friendship and lifelong partnership.  I do not think it is my place to judge whether they are being honest with me or unfaithful to their wives.
  • I see men who are single.
  • I see men who are visiting me with the full knowledge and blessing of their partners (OK rare but it happens).

My service is very specific, I do not have sec with my clients and that is not what they are looking for, but they do enjoy the experience of sexual intimacy and touch all over their bodies in a way that cannot be experienced through masturbation.  I can see no reason why this activity should be illegal or why these clients should be grouped together with real criminals.

Equally, I see no reason why the “full girlfriend experience” offered by other women should be illegal, it harms no-one and there are many benefits (subject for another blog).

Those who want to turn our activities into crimes claim it is to help prevent terrible things happening to women: trafficking, drugs, violence, kidnap and forced prostitution.  My answer is YES tackle those things (aren’t they crimes already?) but they have NOTHING to do with hose of us who are British, doing honest work and paying our taxes.  

We are also part of the electorate!  Any MP who would like to know more is welcome to contact me.  And of course MPs are welcome to book a session with me purely for research but I do not recommend you claim it on expenses if you hope to be re-elected!

Lingam Massage and Orgasm

You should not feel under any pressure to reach an orgasm or to prevent one. The session will not end just because this happens. Most clients will have one or more orgasms in the session.

An Equal Status Naturist Massage

For a Lingam massage the client will be naked. The therapist does not have to be nude but some clients prefer a naked therapist, this is called an Equal Status Naturist Massage.

I am usually happy to be naked for the session if you prefer an Equal Status naturist experience. I may begin the massage in my uniform whilst you are on your stomach but remove my clothes before you turn over.