Unhurried “YOU time”, a time to relax and let yourself experience pleasure in Deb's experienced hands.

In my sessions, the massage includes the whole body. Clients will normally become aroused. The feeling of pleasure will not be focused in the genital region but all over. You may experience relaxation, heightened erotic arousal, and excitement. The session should be exhilarating, and you should leave with a greater sense of personal well-being (happiness).

Explore your sexuality and sensations of erotic pleasure. There's the opportunity to learn things you can put into practice with other partners. Enjoy being pampered and enjoy the moment. Read the FAQs on page 2 of this site and book online.

There is no pressure on you to do anything:

  • no pressure to perform or take control of the situation
  • no pressure to orgasm or ejaculate
  • no pressure to hide or control sexual arousal
  • no need to be embarrassed or ashamed of your body
  • no reference to religion or spirituality

You can relax and enjoy the sensations within your body.

There's plenty of time for you to lay back and enjoy, which is rare in our modern, fast-paced world.

My approach is that this is part of a whole-body treatment to improve your mental and physical well-being.

This is a very general guide as to what to expect when you book a yoni or lingam tantric massage session with me:

The client will undress and lay face down on my massage couch.

  • 30-40 minutes relaxing Swedish massage of back, shoulders, buttocks, legs, and perhaps feet.
  • Client will turn over on to their back for a relaxing and stimulating massage of the legs, full torso, arms, head and genitals.
  • No two sessions are identical and the massage is unlike to be like any other you have experienced.

Interested in booking? Read the rest of the site, then make a booking.

Lingam Massage