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Sex Workers are Getting Banned from WhatsApp

Sex Workers are Getting Banned from WhatsApp

I'm just going to say: don't rely on WhatsApp. 

I have found it to be hit-and-miss. Sometimes, I get calls, and it all works great; other times, it is a problem. 

It works only part of the time. 

If I have replied to YOU via WhatsApp, then great, but if I didn't, it might be that I never saw it. 

Right now, I DO NOT even have WhatsApp on my phone.

It seems WhatsApp is doing a purge of Sex Workers from the App, but I have read the terms and conditions carefully, and I don't think I have violated anything.

* * * This is just a reminder that I run a completely legal business in the UK. * * * WhatsApp and others can choose whether to deal with us or not -- there is no equal access to technology and other services if you are involved in providing a much needed sexual therapy to clients.