Lingam Massage

Are you a morning person?

Are you a morning person?

I can understand why many people would prefer a massage session in the late afternoon or evening. They can then go home, relax, and go to bed.

I don't offer a service later in the day because I'm usually up early. 

I figure that in the late morning, I still have bags of energy, even though I'm usually up at around 5 (I love being up early).

By the late afternoon, I'm definitely past my best. And I simply wouldn't have the energy or enthusiasm to give my all to start a session at 5pm.

When I'm not at work, I like to do all the usual things, such as watching films or going to the theatre. But again, when the show starts at 7.30 - okay -  I can barely keep my eyes open by 10pm. 

Reading is a different beast - it is my downfall - those page-turners that keep me up all night!!! I can't resist them, so I try not to start one when I've got a booking the next day. My perfect holiday is having a place to read without interruption from morning until night.