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Find Sexy Sensual Massage Near Me and Book Online

Find Sexy Sensual Massage Near Me and Book Online

My automated online booking system for my sensual massage is the best thing since sliced bread.  At least, it is from my point of view, but some clients are puzzled by it.

**I thought everyone was used to using automated online booking systems, 

and for the most part, it does run smoothly.**

Let me explain: it is an automated system - just like when you book tickets to the theatre. 

* Clients can see my availability, compare our schedules, and make a firm reservation. They don’t have to wait for me to get back to them.

* Clients can book their time slot while it is on their mind, which blanks it out, making that time unavailable for others. It is also easy to cancel without me being involved in that admin process. It will send automatic reminders (I think one the day before and one an hour before and they go to email and text).

* It means I don’t have to be available to take calls from clients, and we don’t need to go back and forth with multiple messages.

* I do manually update it regularly to change my hours as I need to. 

One thing I do daily is check the times around appointments. I want to give clients plenty of choice about times, but I don't want to accidentally find three clients have booked up a whole day with back-to-back sessions, so I make sure to blank out time around my sessions and allow me enough time for other things. 

My sessions take too much energy for me to fill all my hours with this.

* The process isn’t managed by a booking agency. 

* No human is involved in the booking process apart from the client. 

* The confirmations and reminders are automated. 

* They’re sent by a machine, not by me personally.

* No one sees your booking information apart from me. I usually only look at your specific details on the day or the day before your appointment.

You can attach a message to your booking, but I will not see it until possibly minutes before we meet (or I might not see it at all). 

* When you book online - the booking process is not the place to ask questions about the session. 

* If you need to make enquires beforehand, use the usual messaging systems: EMAIL or text message. WhatsApp works most of the time but sometimes doesn't

Booking An Erotic Massage Online ~ Issues arising:

A few clients using the system didn’t realise it was fully automated. 

They thought someone (me or an agent) manually looked at the booking request and manually approved or refused it. And at that point, we manually send out a confirmation. This is not how it works. If you book, then you are booked. Confirmations go out automatically, and I don't know how to stop them.

I don’t have to accept every booking; of course, I can go in and manually cancel or alter your booking. It would be a rare event (e.g., sudden illness) that would require me to do this, and I would also contact you by text message or email to let you know.

Now you know about it, please go ahead and use it.