Lingam Massage

Sexy, sensual, tantric lingam massage Near Me.

Sexy, sensual, tantric lingam massage Near Me.

Done that? Been there and got the T-shirt?

Now, have you tried an incredible yum yum lom nom nu wo massage with chipped china mugs and broken bricks? It's amazing!

You might even want the hundred-handed version; we'll see if Hekatoncheires is available.

No, only kidding.

Okay, I completely made it up, and I don't have a Greek monster trained in massage in my spare room.

Is it crazy people who dive headfirst into the latest craze?

Don't worry about missing out on the Lomi Lomi or NuRu; what you want is to know the actions behind the words.

I spell out what I will do on my website—it's just one thing and one process to keep it simple. Allow 2 hours and pay £160 in cash. Simple.

Decades of experience have told me this works best.

Check the details on my website: UKLingamMassage.Co.Uk