Yoni Lingam Massage in Kent

Ok I know we are way into the new year already but this is the first day of working, for me, this year. Yes my first client of the year is visiting me on a Sunday.

The regular who is booked for Monday thought he was going to be first, but no.

Lingam Massage and Orgasm

You should not feel under any pressure to reach an orgasm or to prevent one. The session will not end just because this happens. Most clients will have one or more orgasms in the session.

An Equal Status Naturist Massage

For a Lingam massage the client will be naked. The therapist does not have to be nude but some clients prefer a naked therapist, this is called an Equal Status Naturist Massage.

I am usually happy to be naked for the session if you prefer an Equal Status naturist experience. I may begin the massage in my uniform whilst you are on your stomach but remove my clothes before you turn over.